Pet Products

Great new product (at least to me) that helps with joint pain and/or arthritis. If your doggy or kitty can’t stand the taste, throw it in a capsule. Amazon sells those too 🙂

Green lipped mussel powder

There are many other providers, I assume, of hemp. But these gals get a premium product. Worth the money.

Canna Companion

Melatonin is being used for more and more things. I know some people that use it during storms to calm their furry loved ones down. I used it with one of my dogs who had night seizures. I had to use the timed release ones because we were treating something so specific. And be sure to Google the dosage. People seem to get confused about dosing and weight. Check your dog’s weight and use a frickin’ calculator! I will say that the brands with B6 had the opposite effect on my pup. Kinda gave her coffee type jolts. I HAVE read about humans experiencing the same thing. So there you go. Weird.


Pumpkin/apple supplement. Hate wasting those cans of pumpkin? This stuff is freeze-dried, you just add water. It’s awesome!

Firm Up!

Protegrity EZ as a probiotics GI assist. I get mine from my vet.

Infants Mylicon drops (simethicone). I use this for GI gas flareups. Nice cause they like the way it tastes and the dosage is usually smaller for dogs. Available at CVS, Walgreens and the like.

For upset tummies, Cerenia is my go-to med. VERY much need a script for this. But it has saved many a day for us. For the pills, be sure to monitor your furry loved one. It won’t help if they puke it right back up before it has a chance to break down in the stomach. I give mine with a little cream cheese then we snuggle. Works 99% of the time.

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