Rescue Advocacy

Setting the standard for the no-kill movement. I volunteered here for a few years. Best years of my life. Except of course those with Chewi.

Austin Pets Alive!

Also volunteered here. They have some really great programs. Among my favorite are the movements in legislation to heavily regulate and hopefully shut down all puppy mills. Let’s do this people!!!

Humane Society


Check out your local shelters for pups. As well, here are some folks that do transport. You have no excuses! Adopt from a shelter even if it’s far away!

Animal Aid

And hey, if you’re too terrified to go into a shelter, have a friend help you out! They can go and take pictures. If you’re too terrified to volunteer at a shelter, donate some cash! Or blankets or beds or ANYTHING. Heck, post stuff on Facebook and Twitter. There are TONS of ways to make a difference. Just please, please (I’ll be your best friend) don’t buy a puppy online or from a breeder that you don’t know personally! Personally means, like, REALLY well. You’ve been to their house, you’ve seen their digs. And they are vetted by friends. Puppy mill people are very sneaky. They have to be. They don’t want the public to know they’re running a factory farm. And the true conditions of the dogs. They refuse inspections all the time. So be careful and help out a homeless pup 🙂

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