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This weekend I spent Fri-Mon at an unleashed doggie camp. It was AWESOME. Why do I say this? Let’s see, could it be the…

  • gorgeous Berkshire campground
  • beautiful and huge swimming pond
  • all off-leash policy, dogs running and playing everywhere
  • fantastically organized schedule setup by the purveyors of said event
  • agility courses
  • canoeing with my pups
  • dock diving (not for my land lovers)
  • a variety of 1hr presentations on subjects from ‘Caring for your senior dog’ to ‘Reiki demonstration’ to ‘Dog care 101’, and the list went on
  • clean and well tended cabins
  • guided hikes through the woods, or not, your choice
  • an owner/pup campfire
  • movie night (one chosen with a pup slant to it of course)
  • delicious meals (who knew camp had such tasty food)

…and I saw NO DRAMA btw dog owners

These people really know what they’re doing with this event. It was professional without being overwhelmingly scheduled. You feel the freedom to explore the campgrounds while knowing there’s always something fun and cool to do. All the staff for the event were so friendly and open. I got to talk to alot of different people from animal related professions to people who include their dogs IN their professions. One of my favorites was listening to the stories from a clinical psychologist, one of the event organizers, and how she uses her dog in therapy sessions. I’ve always known that dogs are profound healers but she had some amazing stories that really illustrated the power they have on the human emotional and physiological bodies. Seriously, amazing testimonials. Just makes me wonder, why the hell doesn’t therapy do this more often!?!? I’m telling you, we have this huge untapped pool of healers out there.

The other thing I was blown away by was how good the doggies were. Honestly you may think chaos, dozens of dogs running around all weekend. But something magical happened. Every dog I saw would play, run, do their thing, then come right back to their owners. It was like some unspoken agreement that everyone check in. And this happened all weekend. And some dogs and their people explored the grounds all on their own. Perfectly ok too.

One thing I’m taking from this experience is that dogs with things to do and attentive owners, are GREAT dogs. They’re happy and stable and do just FINE off leash. This is the way it should be. Another thing I want to thank all of them for is teaching me how to listen to my dog more. Our dogs are constantly telling us things, we just don’t know how to listen. If you’re reading this, do a Google for ‘calming signals’. You’ll start to see your dog exhibiting these right away if you pay just a little attention!

All I can say is I’m already excited about next year and wish there was a winter indoor/outdoor version. As well as more OF them all season long all over the country.*Someday(dreaming…)


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