Building Your Own Kitty Poopoo Box

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This post is for those whose litter boxes have failed to ‘do the job’. I have a feline tripod who pees sideways. Not lying. I assume the one leg in back makes it difficult to angle the ‘ol dangle. Every litter box I tried he would find the one weakness and leaking ensued. So, what you will need for this job is:

  1. an old plastic storage box
  2. a thin piece of wood to cut (oak, cedar, whatever)
  3. a way to cut said wood, I used my Dremel Saw-Max
  4. a pen to measure the wood
  5. waterproof caulk
  6. screwdriver
  7. at least 4 half-inch wood or metal screws
  8. at least 3 of these brackets (any L-shaped will do)
  9. (optional) a splash of sealant for the wood if you don’t want the urine smell to soak in

Now, all of this stuff can be found at Home Depot or Lowes. I just happened to have most of it laying around. But I’m a tinkerer.

First, take your wood and place it against the opening of the plastic box. Use the pen to mark the inside of the wood. Cut just inside that line with your Dremel or saw. (Remember, plastic is flexible, so it doesn’t need to be totally precise. The box will accommodate the movement.)

bracketNext, attach your brackets to the wood with the half-inch screws at the bottom, alone the nice, long U-shaped cut you made, and sides. Take your caulk and cover the bottom of the brackets as well as the edge of the wood (except the top of course). Place the wood into the opening. You’ll have to clean up the schmeared caulk. Or you can leave it, no worries. Screw the brackets into the inside of the plastic box. Then line both sides of the wood with more caulk. I like to be extra paranoid about leaks.

Let dry and fill with litter.


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