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Summer is here, folks! And that means a whole lot of necessary hydration for us. Especially our four-legged loved ones. If they don’t drink enough water, is no good. Know what I mean?

I have one puppy that always seems to be ‘dried out’. You may have had one of these pups. Loads of dandruff, dry skin, and the scaly nose. Oh, no! Not the scaly nose!¬†An extra dry nose is not only painful to look at but painful for our pups. Fear not! There is relief. Almost instant relief. Some years ago I had a boy, Nilo, that, when he entered his senior years, seemed to just crinkle up from the nose across. I tried several things then settled on Aquaphor. I admit it’s not my usually hippy-dippy, crunchy, earth-toned solution. But it works. Like, really well and fast. I take just a dab on my fingertip and apply across the nose, rubbing in it. Yeah, it’s petrolatum, so they’re gonna lick it once or twice. But it’s not as if I’m finger-feeding it. Just a dab and rub. Whala. Within a day that dry nose begins to heal.

I’m on a new crunchy-hippy-earthy kick using Coconut oil for everything. Skin, hair–for myself. And I’ll be trying that next. Any other great experiences with dry nose products?


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