Maja_slp(I wonder how many times this post will be indexed by the DEA…) I assure you, I have nothing interesting to say! Ahem.

To our topic. This writer sincerely believes that the plant mentioned above is one of the planet’s greatest. Among other things, it has been documented to possess these properties: anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-epileptic, antiemetic. There are too many papers, videos, even government-funded research projects around this plant to mention. This is a fairly good one. Very focused on the medical aspects. And a bit of history sprinkled with some industry info. (Bit dry but good.)

I use a product for my dogs called CannaCompanion. Gasp! Wendi! You give your dogs MaryJane!? Chill. Chillax. This product is totally legit and legal. Yep. Legal. For the uninitiated into this ‘seedy’ world (yeah, I said that), there is a teensy snag in the law.  Because it’s hemp! A totally different cannabis plant product containing >.3% of THC makes it “ok”. For those interested, CannaCompanion also provide really good info worth reading on their website.

Again, for the seedy virgins, THC is the ‘high’ stuff. The ‘medical’ stuff CAN be non-psychoactive (non-high) but not always. But oh! Do these definitions change and vary from person to person, state to state, provider to provider. Cause let’s face it, we’re talking about a plant. Plants have different species and strains. Just like this one. So of course, being a smart and educated grower is KEY. And being an educated consumer is key. For instance, you wouldn’t use the above to treat pain necessarily.

But let me share, when my dog’s seizures (treating those specifically) were not helped by pharmo anti-epileptic meds, the above stuff worked. It’s expensive, yeah. But to me, it was worth the effort. She was worth the effort. Especially given all the secondary benefits of the Canna supplement and the complete lack of side-effects.

Now I’m not here to pimp or crap on anything. Whatever works, right? Like, hey, don’t take away my Ibuprofen. There will be hell to pay! And again, I’m not a doctor. Just sharing our experience.


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