Melatonin for PM Seizures (and other things)

I feel for doctors. I really do. To try and not only understand something as complex as a biological system and then suggest solutions to fix one (or many) problems. If you’ve read any of my posts concerning my little superstar, Maja, you’ll know this is related. Maja had CHF-induced epilepsy. Which led to terrible night seizures. All of the other medications didn’t resolve these ‘particular’ episodes. Not the diuretics, the antiepileptics, the heart meds. But melatonin did.

How did I discover this? Hours upon hours of sleepless nights staring at my laptop screen reading medical articles. I finally stumbled upon a single experiment done with children with night terrors. Night seizures. After reading the astonishing results, over an 80% reduction of those PM attacks, we tried it.

Maja weighed barely 8 pounds. (Our target weight with her insane worship of food.) And after some more research, we got almost 100% success with 2mg/every 8 hours/timed-release melatonin. I had to get rid of the formulas that included B6. For some reason they made her jittery. Keep in mind, this was a solution that CHF necessitated. If she had not had that disease, who knows…

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. There a tons of ways to use it as a supplement. A lot of people use it to help induce sleep. I know some who use it to help calm their dogs during storms. But I am NOT a doctor. Just an average ‘Jollene’. I’m just sharing. Still very interesting stuff. So read up, educate yourself, and maybe this can help you, too.


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