Dog Fostering Feels Goooood

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Why this shit rocks…

  • Ok say you want to get into Heaven, foster a dog, -done.
  • Say you want to feel SO good about doing something selfless this year -foster a dog.
  • There you are, on your death bed, ‘Wow I did something cool and helped find a home for an abandoned dog.’ -foster a dog.

If you can’t or don’t have time to volunteer in other ways, fostering is perfect for that. You just have to open up your home and your heart. This is meant to be a temporary home, though obviously some folks fall in love with their fosters. This gives shelters a way to save one more precious life too.

And yea, I won’t lie to you, you fall for your fosters, you love them. And then you see someone so excited to adopt them, and you see the new bond and love they have for each other, and it’s ALL worth it.

If I’ve at all convinced you to try, here’s HOW in Austin.
and in Boston


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